Nos amis et partenaires

We would like to thank all these people for their support and encouragement.

We recommend that you visit their websites.

Energétique Nord Bretagne (North Brittany Energetics)

To live, feel or learn traditional energy.


Philippe Nicolas :

Cercle Sinologique de l'Ouest (Sinological Circle of the West)

The CSO is a training school open to all - created in 1982 - which provides training and development in Chinese Energetics, TCM, Bazi, Fengshui, Qigong, and specializations. The objective is to acquire the training, credentials and professional designation of Expert Practitioner of the Traditional Chinese Methods of Health.

It provides an annual national development conference and distributes introductory study and development materials.  Several specialists in these subjects are the teachers of this professional curriculum.

Sylvain Charles


Sylvain created all the ergonomics and designed the new 2017version  of our software, as well as our website.

contact :

alchimik lanterns

Nicolas Charles - Director

Creation / Audiovisual Production / Broadcasting

Nicolas ensures all the visual communication part, creating our videos, flyers ...

nicolas charles


French Confederation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


French Union of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professionals.

Created in 1997, the French Union of Professionals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UFPMTC) brings together the different players in Chinese medicine in France: practitioners, teachers, students, healthcare users and suppliers.

Contact :


National Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The FNMTC is the central body of TCM in France. It is independent of schools, laboratories, resellers of materials etc. in order to guarantee total impartiality with a concern for fairness and integrity.  We wish to put an end to the controversies over the exercise and teaching of TCM and allow it to legitimately contribute to Public Health.

Jeff Rousseau - Qi Gong Health

Practicing Qigong - videos, courses, internships ...

Contact :

Pierre Mougel

Practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine, video coaching ...

Contact :

Planeta Verd

Online sales specialized in Chinese phytotherapy, acupuncture equipment and bookshop.

Planeta Verd

Alchimik Lanterns SARL

Digital communication - Web / 3D

Thanks to all the team of Alchimick Lanterns, for having transcribed the idea into software over these first five years.

Alchimik Lanterns SARL
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