Who are we?

The Acupuncture 3D Chân Ly software is originally the fruit of inspiration:  An inspiration born of need, coupled with some remarkable encounters.

We are two young women, both enthralled by Chinese medicine.  One day we decided to combine our projects; two rivers which, at just the right time, flowed together along the same "way."  We are now partners in the creation of SAS Chân Ly.

A need Identified

For Liên, it all started in autumn 2010, then a student starting her second year of TCM studies (at the school of Philippe Nicolas, ENB).

“Whenever I opened a book to study traditional Chinese medicine, I could not help but tell myself that it would be so much easier if I could see the entire channel system in 3D because I have a very visual memory, and I need to see the whole system before being able to integrate it in my mind. "


Without knowing why, the idea of a 3D study tool suddenly transformed from being just the germ of a good idea into a vision of the complete project in all its details; the whole gestalt in its own right.  Overnight, everything became clear, completely naturally.  I felt as if I were only the conduit for this creation, a transformative link between idea and matter.  Something was pushing me to do it, despite my fears and my limitations. From then on, things moved very quickly.


I met the Alchimik Lanterns Company.  They were to become our "3D translators", charged with of putting our ideas into form.

Shortly after this we met Yaqi JING, a young Chinese woman who had come to study in France for a year.  along with Nicolas CHARLES, we recorded her sweet and poetic voice demonstrating the exact pronunciation of the Chinese names.  This meeting will remain one of my best memories of this adventure.

I can’t tell you the whole story because it would take too long, but to summarize, it was an enterprise that took place at high speed, with multiplying fascinating and surprising "coincidences", all going in the same direction and dynamically advancing the project.

Coming together :  A collaboration

A few hundred miles away, Stéphanie had been working on a similar project for four years, intending to create a teaching tool adapted to the new technology :

“I began my training with energy studies in general.  Wanting to know more and more, to understand the "why of how", I chose to specialize in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Following an accident in which I was injured, I met André Rousseau (a medical doctor and traditional Chinese acupuncturist) who was of great help to me during my recovery.  I naturally turned to him and asked him if he would accept me as a student in Chinese Medical Energetics.   I computerized the courses by creating a personal software suite that enabled me to link all my training courses together.  I asked a computer programmer friend to help me make it into professional-quality software, but she was short of time and said thatshe did not have the skills to create the rendering that I wanted.   But still I knew in my heart that one day it would be possible ... "


Nothing really happens by accident; in the autumn of 2011, we met in a TCM course, and as history shows, duality has become unity.

So today we are happy to be able to offer you this : Our innovation.


This, our marvelous adventure, rich and captivating in its humanity, is far from over:  We want to continue evolving Acupuncture3D by adding more content and features on an ongoing basis. Since the beginning of this project we have already released five updates, all free, that we feel have greatly improved the quality and utility of the software.

Our aim is to facilitate the learning of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to bring another vision of the energy system and (why not?) continue the evolution of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West.

Liên and Stéphanie.

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